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When and where is the LuxUtsav Durga Puja happening this year?

Like last year the annual Durga Puja shall be held this year for 4 consecutive days from the 12th to 15th October at the Salle um Duerf in Itzig.

Are visitors allowed at the LuxUtsav Durga Puja this year?

To ensure a safe and healthy Durga Puja, visitors are only permitted to enter through pre-booked slots.

How can non-members but enthusiasts of the Durga Puja be updated of the activities this year?

Our members community are planning to provide regualr puja updates on the website and social media handles of LuxUtsav for all Puja enthusiasts. We are trying to promote the e-Darshan this year so that interested visitors can view some special puja formalities on the digital paltforms.

How can one become a member of LuxUtsav?

Please write to lux.durgapuja@gmail.com with your membership request and the LuxUtsav team shall connect with you for the members registration process.

What happens if someone turns up at the venue seeking entry into the premises?

With a heavy heart, polite words but a stoic resolve we would have to request them to return. Our priority this year is to ensure a 100% safe Durga Puja and reduce even the remotest possibility of a risk of spread of Covid-19. All our members have been prepared well in advance of the protection plans and the guidelines and the Puja is being planned with all safety protocols in practice. This would require a lot of governance from us on all the 4 Puja days and so the additional overhead of managing ad-hoc visitors shall unfortunately not be possible this year.

Would there be any provision for serving food during this year’s Durga Puja to visitors?

Meal packets that have been pre-ordered will be available at the venue. A snack stall is also available for direct "cash only" purchase at the venue. Because food consumption is not permitted inside the hall, a separate tent has been set up where members and visitors can eat.

Are there any COVID specific requirements for entry?

Yes, in addition to having a visitor slot booked, visitors over the age of 12 must carry one of these, which must have a QR code to be validated by the EU COVID check application - (a) a fully vaccinated certificate that is more than 14 days old (b) a negative RT-PCR test report - sample must be collected within 72 hours (c) a negative Antigen test report - sample must be collected within 48 hours (d) a valid COVID recovery certificate that is less than 6 months old

Are children expected to follow the same rules as adults?

Children under the age of six are exempt from all COVID checks. However, children aged 6 to 12 are permitted to take a self-administered spot antigen test (to be done in presence of the designated members).